A Purity weekend…Man up and DO THIS! Part 2

As I discussed in Part 1 of this series, we must be intentional in how we raise our children, so we decided to embark on the Passport to Purity journey. It was an awesome experience, Check it out…

The intention is for this program to be completed in just a couple of days, a weekend get-away where you take your child on a small trip (Fathers with Sons, Mothers with Daughters…I need to reach out to Focus on the family and get ideas for single parents of children of the opposite sex). It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just take your pre-teen somewhere that they will enjoy and you can have some time alone, away from siblings and friends, and away from all the other things that distract them.


We have some friends who let us borrow their cabin which is tucked up in the mountains…See picture above…man it was awesome! (Thank you guys!!). Being a couple of hours from home it was a just the right distance so that we weren’t distracted by normal daily activities but we were close enough that we only spent a couple of hours in the car. He had to leave his phone at home (oh the horror!), and I made it a point to keep from getting on my phone rcunless it was to look up directions or information about where we were going on day two. We left the TV off, and spent some time walking around outside the cabin, whittling on some sticks, and running our RC cars around on the large rocks behind the cabin…you know, guy stuff!

All of this combined created an awesome atmosphere where he and I could go through the program, talk about the topics, and have fun without having to worry about other people.


In the Mine…He really is smiling

On the second day you’re encouraged to go on a special excursion, so we went to check out an old gold mine in Cripple Creek and had an awesome Italian dinner. It was so much fun to get to experience these things with just the two of us. I love my wife and our little guy, but the time spent with just our oldest son and myself was priceless.

During the rest of the time we were going through the CD’s and book provided with the program. Through these tools you walk through common pitfalls teens fall into, peer pressure, puberty, sex, pornography and other sensitive subjects as well as dating, all topics that I had NO idea what to say, and I know I’m not alone it that.  Come on, be honest with yourself, are you really prepared for those conversations? Yeah…I didn’t think so…

Dennis and Barbara Rainey do most of the heavy lifting for you as the CD’s walk through the bulk of the content, this sets you up for great conversation with your pre-teen. They volley the ball, you just have to spike it. For me, this was awesome. It opened the door to the conversations that at times, started out a little bit uncomfortable, but turned out to be really positive and helpful.

For our Son, this was the first time he was hearing much of the content (Praise God), at times he had questions that I was able to answer, and because of the way the topics are handled, the discussions came very naturally and maturely.

After each section you complete an activity that is intended to illustrate the point being


Green, buff dough man, and his bad influence buddy

made, remember I mentioned these in part 1, don’t forget to prepare in advance! Although, our son caught on very quickly and started to summarize the point before we even got halfway through the activities. Regardless, he really enjoyed the illustrations, and continued to reference them throughout the rest of the program (and still talks about them today).

Of course, the best thing about all of this?! The entire program is based on scripture. God’s word is woven throughout the program to help your pre-teen understand what God’s design is for our minds, bodies, and the way we handle our relationships. Your pre-teen learns what God’s plan is for sexuality and how sinful acts like pre-marital sex and pornography can impact them for the rest of their lives.

Ok, just one more part to this series, check back in to see how it ends!

Click here for the Family Life website

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