Narrow is the Path

I’ve been thinking a lot about this last weekend. Son, it was so fun to be able to spend some deep one on one time with you.

I feel like we grew closer, and you grew more mature over the course of the weekend.

I continue to think about how hard it is to live a life that is contrary to what the world throws at us. Everywhere we turn Satan bombards us with distractions to take our eyes off the Lord, and in so many cases he’s successful. It makes me think about the verse that says “Narrow is the path” less traveled, but when I think about it, I wonder how narrow is the path?

Normally when I think about this verse I envision the narrow path being like a standard bike trail, 5-6 feet wide, smooth, grass on both sides. While the wide, more traveled path is more like a 12 lane highway packed with people.  But as I was sitting here thinking about it, I think I’ve got it wrong.

It’s true, the wide path may be like a 20 lane highway, smooth as glass, with no edges, as you get close to the edge the path extends. It takes NO effort to stay on the path that Satan sets before us, because it is always there.  

In contrast, the narrow path, is more like a tightrope leading over a great ravine. This tight rope doesn’t even run in the same plane as the well accepted path, rather it’s something like two hundred feet above the regular path. Due to the height and thin line of the path it takes a great deal of effort just to get on the path, then once you’re there, it takes a great deal of focus and determination to stay on the path. If you lose that focus, you take a hard fall right back on the regular path.

Narrow is that path that we follow, and that is all the more reason for us to stay diligent in what we do, how we live and what we say.

The question becomes, how can we stay on this path? The Bible is full of advice and practical steps, just look at Proverbs 4:25-27

Let your eyes look straight ahead, And your eyelids look right before you. Ponder the path of your feet, And let all your ways be established. Do not turn to the right or the left; Remove your foot from evil.

Have you ever seen a tightrope walker? They are intensely focused on the path ahead, they don’t look away, they don’t look down, every single move they make is calculated and planned, all to get them to the other side successfully. In the same way, we see that we need to look straight ahead in our walk. Don’t get distracted by the things of this world that hold us down, watch where our feet are going and make sure that every single step is planned and calculated. That is the ONLY way for us to live on the narrow path that the Lord has set before us. Avoiding the common pitfalls in this world is not going to be easy, it’s going to be exceptionally hard at times, but the reward of living that life focused on the Lord is the fact that someday we’ll see him face to face.

I love you guys, I hope this encourages you to walk focused on the Lord!


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