It will all pass away

Hey guys, I’ve worked for the same company for a long time. In that time, I’ve seen movements come and go, I’ve seen people come and go and unfortunately I’ve even had to be the bearer of bad news in certain circumstances.

Through all of this it never gets any easier, and it’s even more difficult when the ones who are let go are close to you. Don’t worry, I still have my job, I’ve been told that the changes are complete for the time being and that I’m part of the strategic direction of the organization, so I’m not worried about losing my job and you guys should not be either. Nevertheless, large changes like this are never easy. As a leader I need to stay positive and provide vision and direction for the group, I need to keep myself moving in the right direction as well and make sure that I’m diligent in what I’m doing and represent Christ in my day to day work.

More importantly, as a follower of Christ I need to stay focused on the Word of God, and the hope I find in Him. Like this verse, which I find so appropriate for the events of today…

Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear.

Matthew 24:35 NLT

That’s right, Heaven and earth will disappear. That includes EVERYTHING on this earth as we know it. Everything in this life is temporary, our schools, our homes, our jobs, our grocery stores, our TV’s, our cell phones (hard to believe I know…). All of it will pass away, some things will just pass away sooner than others. Now, don’t get me wrong, losing the things in this temporary world is not always easy, and we shouldn’t be careless about them. We are certainly going to experience a variety of feelings as these things pass away. Losing a house or job are both major disrupters in our lives, we will certainly be impacted by them.

So the key is to know how to identify that this situation is going to be a challenge, and before we get overwhelmed with emotions, turn to God’s Word for hope! Rather than falling apart in hopelessness, we should look to God for direction and comfort. He is our provider, our redeemer, and he sees the beginning to the end. If I can master this, then I know that if I do ever lose my job, or we lose our house, or our health goes downhill, no matter what comes, I will be able to stand through the storm, and bring you guys along with me..

Let’s find hope in the fact that God knows what’s going on, and even though everything in this temporary world will pass away, we can find peace, comfort, and hope in him.


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