We got to pray…just to make it today

Hey guys, I hope you’re having a great day! Here’s a great verse…

I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them.

1 Timothy 2:1 NLT

Now, think about your day, how much of it have you spent in prayer?

I know we all have things going on throughout the day, but remember prayers don’t have to be long, they can be as simple as a quick, “Thank you Lord for …..”, or “God I pray for grace in this situation”. Let me tell you, it’s REALLY convicting just to write this, because I know I haven’t spent nearly enough time in prayer today. Aside from praying with you this morning at school…lunch was the next time I actually took the time to pray. Eeek

In 1 Timothy, Paul exhorts Timothy to pray for all people. At face value we may think, “of course, that’s what we should do”. However when we really think about what was going on, think about the situations in that day and age, the meaning of this exhortation becomes so much more vivid.

Based on the encouragement that Paul provides Timothy, it seems as if Timothy was weary, maybe he was overwhelmed with the ministry and everything that goes with it, bearing the burdens of the people as he led them to a closer walk with God. Timothy certainly had his fair share of difficulties in ministry as we do today, and one of those was most likely combating false teachings and deceptive practices of people who were purposefully trying to drive a wedge into the church.

Although, Timothy also had the weight on his shoulders to disciple new believers, people who may have previously been Jews, Atheists, idol worshipers, or just people off the street who didn’t know what they believe. New believers don’t come into the church with a full understanding of the Glory of God. They don’t accept Christ and immediately become a seasoned Christian, able to discern the Word of God and rely on him in prayer. These new believers would have been broken people carrying their old habits, their old methods, their old views and biases. And so Timothy, a devoted servant of God, had such a high calling of leading these people to a closer relationship with Christ, a calling that brings with it the responsibility of having to address and deal with all of these old habits, methods, views and biases.

So imagine the stress that Timothy would have endured. In our modern day churches we have teams of people to support the fellowship and handle all the details, counseling, teaching, and even correction, but Timothy was on his own. (That’s enough weight to break down the strongest of church planters today). In all of that stress, I can only imagine that there were people who Timothy was specifically having challenges with, people who were testing his patience, people who “Just didn’t get it”. And so Paul encourages him, “Pray for ALL People, ask God to help them, intercede for them, and give thanks for them.

Do we do that? Are we spending our days in prayer for other people? Are we thanking God for those around us? We certainly should be! Especially if there are people who get on our nerves, people who we don’t get along with, people who test our patience (albeit that level of patience is a direct reflection of our flesh LOL). We should surround these people with Love and prayer because as we pray for others, something funny begins to happen, our hearts begin to grow for that person.

So think about your day, think about the people you encounter, and make a list, who are the people that you need to pray for? Let’s grow our hearts for these people and keep them in our prayers. Not just once or twice a day, but consistently, throughout the day, with a heart for them, lift them up in prayer.

I Love you guys!! Can’t wait to see you.


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