On the Road Again

We planned to hit traffic driving through the city, but for whatever reason the rush hour coordination committee, (that fictional group of people that decided to release all vehicles onto the highway at the same time just to make the commute more interesting…yes you know what I’m talking about) decided to hold the flood of vehicles back until we passed…giving us a nice loooong wait at the airport.

So, here I am again, sitting in an uncomfortable airport chair, charging my phone, waiting to board a flight back home to the people I love.

Another business trip in the books. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind traveling for work, in fact it fuels my passion for my job. If there is one thing I love about my job it’s the people that I work with and the ensemble of hard workers in the organization that work their hands to the bone for the business every day. If I can make their jobs easier then I consider my efforts to be a success, so getting out into the field and visiting with these folks face to face is extremely gratifying.

These days though, I have grown to the point where I miss my family terribly when I travel. I’ve been able to limit my travel to short trips which helps me maximize my time at home, (and I don’t travel near as much as many people) but I still feel a such a void when I’m gone. Missing the arms of my wife, the antics of our pre-teen and the wild, carefree craziness of the toddler makes me so much more anxious as I wait for the flight that will bring me home.

As I was sitting here I thought of Philippians 1, where Paul greets the Philippian church. Now the church is a little different from your family as they’re not blood related, but Paul had a deep compassion and love for this fellowship, the same kind of deep compassion and love that we have for our family. Paul’s exhortation was short, sweet, and to the point…

3Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. 4Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy

Philippians 1:3-4

This is perfect for my heart towards my family. I miss them so much, and I want to constantly remember them when I’m away. I have found that trying to be in constant conversation with God throughout the day, helps me stay focused on them and keep them in the front of my mind. I thank God for them, I pray that they are safe, I pray that they feel my love even from a distance, and I pray that God will keep me safe as I travel home.

So…Here I am, sitting in this uncomfortable airport chair, ready to return to my family.  Thankful that God has blessed me with them!


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