At the back of the line…?

Written when I was having a rough day:

Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have God’s Son does not have life.

1 John 5:12

You know, some days just stink.  Sometimes I feel great and am really productive, but other times I feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and can’t focus on anything.

On days like that this verse reminds me that I have Jesus in me! I may cover Him up with my own self-pity, stress, or the activities of the day but He’s still there.  My problem is not that God is not in me, it’s that I take my focus off of Him and don’t allow Him to reign in my life.

The word translated as “Life” in 1 John 5 is “Zoe”, it is a full, abundant, overflowing life.  Not just life in the sense that you’re alive, but life in the sense that you’re living a full, complete life. And this is the thing about living with Jesus as our savior, front and center in our lives.  He give us peace in all situations, hope, understanding, patience, all those things that help us make it through every situation.  When we cover Him up, and let other things get in the way, that peace begins to fade and the hope and patience begins to decay.

So on those days that stink, like today for me, we really need to look inside and think about where Jesus is in our lineup. He has given us life, so is He leading the charge, or have we pushed Him to the back of the line?


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